Day in the Life: General manager, Cove Beach

Day in the Life: General manager, Cove Beach
Marta Sayalero
Published: 2 January 2020 - 12:30 p.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff

Marta Sayalero is the general manager of Caesars Palace Bluewaters' Cove Beach. She chatted to Hotelier Middle East about her daily routine.

10.00 am: I enjoy a little sleep-in as I work late at the venue each evening, wake up and catch up on my urgent emails and agenda for the day while having my tea on my terrace overlooking the sea. This environment tends to give me a relaxed and pleasant feeling to start the day.

10.30 am: I enjoy outdoor activities as they give me an energy boost to arrive energised at work. I either practise water sports, such as wakeboarding or kitesurfing; or do a 30-minute workout at the pool.

11.30 am: Breakfast time – I have a quick bite (normally avocado toast), take a shower and choose my outfit. I am a fashion lover and like expressing my personality through my clothing.

12.30 pm: I arrive at the venue and first thing I do is a walk-around to check that everything is running smoothly, and everything is set according to the venue standards. I check the bookings for the day before going over the rest of my emails whilst enjoying an açai bowl or a fruit smoothie.

13.30 pm: The management team have a catchup to go through the weekly agenda and any special venue requirements. We discuss numbers and figures, give guidelines and target strategies and brainstorm any venue improvements so we can continue to exceed expectations.

14.00 pm: I spend a few hours monitoring venue operations, speaking to guests, documenting feedback and supporting the team with daily procedures.

16.00 pm: Lunch time – I generally work through my lunch break, but also try to read the news, check our social media reviews or plan my next trip (I love travelling and discovering new cultures, gastronomy and paradisiacal beaches).

17.00 pm: We have our ops and owner meeting where we analyse the market, worldwide brand expansion plans, trends, and evaluate the rest of our outlets.

18.00 pm: Time for weekly supplier, marketing and entertainment meetings. We pride ourselves on being a lifestyle destination, not just a brand, so work with all parties to continuously evolve our offering.

20.00 pm: I jump back into operations and oversee the set up for the evening which includes an array of lively events and activations. They span everything from chilled-out unplugged live sessions, salsa and bachata classes and housemusic parties.

21.00 pm: I spend my last hours going between the restaurant, where we offer Provençal cuisine, and the lounge, making sure our high service levels never falter. I also spend time visiting and checking on our regular guests.

22.30 pm: Home time – I usually fi nish for the day around this time and leave the venue to enjoy dinner with friends in new and trendy restaurants in Dubai (I’m a foodie and enjoy new culinary experiences), going to see a film, or heading straight home to take a relaxing bath.

12.30 am: Time to end my day watching a movie in bed or reading a book before I go to sleep.

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